Our co-working fee is due in advance:

  • At the at the beginning of every month, for monthly visitors.
  • At the beginning of the week, for weekly visitors.
  • On the day, for day pass visitors.

Fees are payable by direct deposit, cash, cheque or WiPay.

This is a communal space, so we ask that you please be considerate of others when taking phone calls. Occasional calls at your desk are fine and you can also jump into an unoccupied conference room or lounge if needed, for that important call. If you know you will be on a long call ahead of time, the conference room can be booked for un-interrupted time.

If your work requires that you be on the phone a great deal of the time, Splice co-working may not be the best fit for you.

We have a cleaning service that comes in once a week. In between, we do kindly ask that you help us keep things tidy by cleaning up after yourself, taking out your trash, and doing your own dishes. Please put all food trash into the kitchen garbage can. This is a self-sustaining community space and we can all pitch in to keep it shiny.

Due to the CV19 regulations, SPLICE Studios will provide hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, and disinfectants for cleaning surfaces. We require you to apply them after you use the main spaces such as the meeting room and kitchen surfaces. We will make every effort to keep all areas clean and sanitized.

We welcome freelancers, solo-prenueurs, and mobile workers of all shapes and sizes but co-working is not for everyone. If your job has you on the phone all day, the distraction to others may make it uncomfortable for all. People who only wish to solicit business from the other co-workers for multi-level marketing schemes, etc. are not a good fit. Finally, if you are unsocial or absolutely refuse to talk and connect with others, you will be missing out on one of the highlights of the co-working experience. If you’re not sure if you will be a good fit, come in for a tour and try working for a few days to get a feel for it. We want you to help us build a diverse community of creative professionals in our shared office space.

Included for monthly co-workers is light use of our networked printer/scanner. If you plan on printing more than 20 pages at a time or per week, we ask that you liaise with the studio manager and kindly arrange to pay. Weekly (more than 5 pages) and daily co-workers will need to pay for printing.

SPLICE Studios is accessed with a key. Everyone in the co-work space is asked to be mindful of the space and to lock up when leaving. The last person out is responsible for closing the co-work space and building. Monthly co-workers have a locking cupboard. Weekly and daily co-workers can have a cupboard, if available. Splice has insurance on the building but not the personal property of our creative/visitors. Do talk to your home-insurance carrier about additional coverage for your stuff. Check out our Terms and Conditions which contains our Terms and Conditions for our waiver.

It’s not as loud as a busy coffee shop and it’s not as quiet as a library, but sound levels do tend to vary during the day. It’s not a bad idea to bring headphones if you need some extra concentration time (it’s also the universal sign of “don’t bother me right now”). Please be mindful of your co-workers when having conversations.

If you are a monthly co-worker, you are more than welcome to use the SPLICE Studios address as your business address.

We can receive your letters and packages and hold them for 5 working days. We have a waiver in regard to loss and theft so please check out our Terms and Conditions as after the expiration of the 5 days we take no responsibility for your items.

By Taxi:

  • Long Circular taxis depart from Chacon Street and will bring you to Debe Corner in Maraval. After that it’s one street away to Perigord
  • Maraval taxis depart from Charlotte Street and will bring you as far as KFC which is about a ten-minute walk to Splice (or you can pay a little extra to be dropped to Eggleton Road (next to Malabar Farms).

By Car: SPLICE Studios can be accessed via Boissiere Village, Saddle Road or Long Circular Rd from St James.  Please go to the Francis Road entrance.

We certainly welcome your furry friends! However, we have a few pet policies in place to make sure everyone stays happy. You are responsible for cleaning up any doggie accidents right away and more importantly, for taking them out for frequent fresh air (so as to minimize accidents in the first place!) If your dog barks excessively or otherwise becomes a nuisance, we’ll have to ask you to leave him/her at home. Sad, I know, but this is a workplace first and foremost, and we have to make sure we all treat it as such. Finally, this is not a doggie-daycare, so you must keep a watch out for your own dog and keep him/her within eyesight. It would also be helpful if you could contribute to the cleaning of the shared space, as fur can be a problem.

You are welcome to invite your colleagues in for a meeting. If they will be staying to work, they will need a “buddy” pass (a discounted drop-in rate). You can share a monthly pass with one other person, but not at the same time.  Encourage your colleague to work at SPLICE Studios as well! Check out our Terms and Conditons which contains our Terms and Conditions for details on our passes.

SPLICE Studios is close to many good food options, from the 4 malls in the area:

  • Ellerslie Plaza
  • Shoppes of Maraval
  • Maraval Plaza
  • Long Circular Mall

Papadums at Maraval Plaza (located on Saddle Road) and Salt N Pepper (located in Shoppes of Maraval) are my personal favourites they serve quick great innovative Indian style meals and are both mere minutes away from the Studio.

The answer is yes yes yes! And we encourage all to re-use, reduce, recycle. Recycling bins are provided for plastic waste. Be sure to wash the items before placing them in the re-use bins. Splice was designed as an energy efficient building utilizing big doors and windows to take advantage of the wonderful North East Trade Winds. For that reason, we keep the main common space open for cross ventilation. However, it comes with a couple of down sides; the rain comes in so it’s helpful if, when it starts raining, that someone closes the main windows, the landing-door and Kitchenette. Also in the dry season the breeze can blow you away ;-}

Got more questions?

Give us a call at +1 868 309 3456 or +1 868 384 2545

Send us a note info@splicett.com

Come in for a Tour.

The best way to find out more about SPLICE Studios co-working is to come in and see us! 

Our regular business hours are Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm (we can arrange other days/times for tours by appointment).