The founder of SPLICE Studios, Abigail Hadeed, has been working as a professional photographer, artist and film producer for decades in Trinidad and in the region and has built meaningful relationships and connections from as far north as The Bahamas to Guyana and Suriname on the South American continent. With her diverse background and years of experience she knows the region well and has a knack for building the best teams / crews to set up production offices and location camps, to taking care of customs clearances and request permits, and finding your cast, actors, extras, models or arranging a video casting. The Splice team is professional, dedicated and fun loving, we can support your set designer, arrange a builder, find props and scout locations. We have fixers in most islands, that will assist.

We offer Production Services

Splice has a relationship with some of the best in the industry locally and regionally and we try to build the best teams possible for the project.

We offer unlimited services. From shoot needs to event production, we’ve got you covered.

We can help you with...

All services can be provided locally and regionally.

Production coordination


Location Scouting

Art department






Hair / Make up





We can support your set designer, arrange a builder, find props and scout locations.

Services overview

Conceived by photographic artist Abigail Hadeed, SPLICE Studios is a unique, one-stop, multi-disciplinary creative hub situated in the heart of Maraval. Set within three floors of a single building, SPLICE Studios is a space for photographers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, writers, programmers, architects and graphic designers (and anything in between!) to work, think, manifest creativity and be inspired. SPLICE Studios invites you to come, connect, collaborate, create and MAKE SOMETHING with us.

Ideally located within walking distance of restaurants, shops, grocery stores, pharmacies and gourmet markets, public transport is available at the SPLICE Studios doorstep, with the Queen’s Park Savannah and downtown Port of Spain only minutes away by car.

Let's Make Something

Offering a new generation of creatives a supportive, inclusive hub, SPLICE Studios, a largely indoor space, is the ideal location to shoot a film or TV commercial; to photograph an ad campaign; or to simply write, think, sit quietly or turn up the volume!

SPLICE Studios can pull together teams and crews in Trinidad and Tobago and regionally that can get involved in your project early to help understand and realize the creative content and concept. We will follow through with detailed planning and budgeting and help organize any aspect of your motion or stills production in Trinidad and Tobago or the wider Caribbean.
We can assist in finding the most suitable and best cost-effective locations and negotiate rates for comfortable accommodations, travel and logistics.